Who are the League of Filmmakers?

The league was founded as a solution to a problem plaguing the independent film community:

How do we celebrate the filmmakers around us? How do we bring attention to even smaller projects? What about the true independent filmmaker… when do they get their moment to shine?

While film festivals and filmmaker groups work independently to bring attention and opportunity to their members, there is only so much they can do beyond that. So we started to ask, what if there was an umbrella over them all, an outlet that celebrated all of the filmmakers regardless of what group they belong to, bringing them all together to learn, share and create?

It sounded like a big task, and it is. But the League of Filmmakers started off with a bang at NAB 2024, where the founding member user groups (listed below) came together not only for a great party, but also to live stream to their members from a jointly hosted booth in the middle of the trade show floor! 

And that’s just the start. As the inagural year of the League continues, you’ll see more awesome news, amazing opportunities and exciting projects appear on our pages. As we say, we believe in one thing:

Craft. Create. Conquer.