‘Crafty’ Showcases Filmmaker’s Work

Created to give filmmakers a platform to not only showcase their beautiful work and find a larger audience, but to help foster an ongoing community of filmmakers and audiences that grow together, Crafty has drawn in some impressive titles despite it’s youth. Writer/Director/Producer Alexander Jeffery sat down with the League of Filmmakers to discuss his new services.

League of Filmmakers: Why Crafty?

Alexander Jeffrey: As filmmakers transition from making short films to feature-length projects, we want them to have a community and audience that they can come back to so they don’t have to start from square one when marketing their film. As we continue to grow, it’s important to us to share any revenue we make with the filmmakers, which is why we implement a 35% revenue share with all of our creators. One day, we hope that this not only pads their pockets, but also gives them the first audience that might help them with pre-sales or early purchases and rentals on their VOD releases.

LoF: Why was this important to you personally?

AJ: I saw friends with so many great short films just sitting on hard drives after their festival runs. Also, I’ve released several features myself and found it frustrating to have to go back to the drawing board in creating an audience for each film. I felt that if we could create a brand that filmmakers can lean on, over the course of time, that we might be creating something of real value to the filmmaker and the audience to discover new voices that they love.

LoF: What about your own filmmaking?

AJ: My first feature, A Chance Encounter, was released by Samuel Goldwyn Films and you can check it out on Prime Video, Tubi, Plex, RokuTV, airlines and anywhere else you watch movies.

LoF: What are the requirements to get on your site?

AJ: You can submit your film to us via FilmFreeway (link on our website craftyshortfilms.com) and if your film feels like a good fit we will reach out with a contract!

LoF: How did you find your first slate of films?

AJ: Right now it’s mostly word of mouth! We started just with filmmakers that I personally know and some of my own work, but I’m proud to say in less than a year we have been discovered by filmmakers all over the country.