The X Gift

In a groundbreaking collaboration, tech innovator Tilta and Oscar-winning Director of Photography Claudio Miranda, ASC have released The X Gift. This touching narrative, rich in emotional depth, celebrates the universal and most cherished human emotions, offering a poignant reflection on cultural fusion in modern storytelling.

The Concept of X Gift

X encapsulates the essence of Christmas, representing the notions of surprise and boundless possibilities. Its objective is to communicate that this exceptional gift serves as a guiding light of encouragement for individuals of all ages and professions. The aspiration is to motivate people to capture cinematic moments with their loved ones, seizing life’s beauty at any time and in any place. Beyond being a mere product showcase, this film extends an invitation to spark creativity, spread joy, and cultivate a sense of togetherness during the festive holiday season.


angie su director


The X Gift team also collaborated with Yong Ok Lee, the production designer for Minari and The Farewell, to create the whimsical world in which the protagonist’s family resides. The main challenge for Lee’s team was to depict two distinctly different looks of the same house within just a few days of prep. Lee’s understanding of the short film’s theme, coupled with his meticulous attention to detail, elevated the entire project, bringing the director’s imagination into the spotlight and making it shine.

During the film’s production, the team utilized Tilta’s latest innovation: the Khronos Ecosystem, specifically designed for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This cutting-edge technology played a crucial role in completing the entire shoot.


Filming with iPhone

The perspective posited implies that while the iPhone is widely used for capturing daily life, it’s not the sole device available for this purpose. Leveraging the Khronos ecosystem designed by Tilta, the iPhone has the potential to seamlessly integrate into high-level workflows, similar to those found in expert productions. Even as a smartphone, it exhibits capabilities that align with the standards of professional filmmaking, approaching the quality levels of many dedicated cameras.


“I mean nowadays, cameras are so simple, versus when I was starting, it was film and processing. It was a lot more of a deal. Now, people could just pick up phones and create great content.”

Claudio Miranda, ASC
Director of Photography
Life of Pi, Top Gun: Maverick

claudio miranda filming with iphone

“The one key component of the camera is always the 12 inches behind the lens. So I think that inspires me a lot and that’s why I use iPhone 15 Pro to shoot this short film.”

Angie Su
Writer and Director
Award Winning Commercial Director


Experience of the Shooting Process

Tilta appreciates the idea of integrating Nucleus Nano II into the Blackmagic Camera App to develop a more advanced filmmaking solution on the iPhone. Recognizing the potential to revolutionize user habits in filmmaking, Tilta decided to further refine the concept, leading to the creation of the entire Khronos Ecosystem.

The design concept focuses on enabling a swift transition from a smartphone to a professional camera within seconds. The product not only incorporates fashionable elements, such as wallets and other daily-use features, but more significantly, it offers a professional solution for filmmakers.


the x-gift bts filming with tilta khronos system for iphone


“That’s definitely now, it’s not making its own color choices. Now we’re making color choices and we’re landing things in the Blackmagic app is working super solid for us. You can put lights and all the accessories on. It’s all powered through the battery, through the whole cage, which is kind of a new, kind of interesting idea.”

Claudio Miranda, ASC

iphone camera rig for filmmaking

“If you’re just looking at the monitor, it’s very hard to think like this is coming off a phone. Really impressive actually. My first time really seeing the ProRes and the Log really pushed the limits by a cinematographer. So, it’s actually really cool to see how capable these little things are. It definitely makes me rethink the camera that I have in my pocket for sure.”

Gene Nagata
Behind the Scenes Director
“Potato Jet” on YouTube


behind the scenes director gene nagata aka potato jet


“Well, we’ve used iPhones in the past but usually there always have just been autofocus. So, this is the first time we’ve been able to rack focus manually and do it as smooth rack focus and not just tap the screen to have it grab focus in a particular area. Looks like it’s more of a cool crew work for us.”

Bob Smathers
First Assistant Camera
TRON: Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick


using nucleus nano ii with iphone BTS


Introduction of Khronos

“Khronos” is derived from the Greek word for “time” embodies a profound concept. Tilta envisions the products as vessels to preserve cherished memories shared among families, friends, and pets. This product transcends mere utility, it stands as a conduit for discovering, transmitting, and sharing love. This resonates seamlessly with the essence of the holiday-themed short story, which revolves around the heartwarming theme of love.


The X-Gift BTS with Claudio Miranda and Yang Shao


Tilta’s new slogan, “Pro Gear Within Reach” highlights their dedication to offering affordable professional solutions to filmmakers of all levels.

“No matter how long you have been in the film industry, Tilta can stand by your side along with your filmmaking journey.”

Yang Shao
CEO, Tilta North America